Are all windows Dockable?

As the title asks are all windows Dockable? From the videos I have seen it doesn’t appear that way as I constantly keep seeing the Transport bar seperate. Please tell me it is now a fully Dockable DAW! Would hate to think that with so many great improvements that Steinberg had missed the boat with this one. For me it would be a massive omission.


No, we still have this floating transport panel. I guess it’s cubase identity :smiley:

possibly the biggest boo boo in Cubase’s history. Have a few needed features on a very small seperate toolbar and don’t have them available anywhere else in the DAW. Makes perfect sense EinSteinberg!

the floating transport is a pain….because…if you don’t want it…they haven’t offered all of its features to be present in the header options up top…such as tempo.
Having said that….i am loving Cubase 8 new features BIG TIME! :slight_smile:

And for that I always create a separate tempo track that sits at the top of my mix. A pain at first, but great for automating time and tempo.

I like floating panels, screen space is much better used in this way. I have seen daws with all windows dockable, and it seems that a lot of screen space is wasted for empty space or oversized controls. Even in Cubase 8 the dockable media bay and vsti rack is a waste of space to have it open all the time, although it is very handy when browsing sounds.
I think all panels should remain floating, at least as an option. I would hate to have everything dockable.

The “able” in dockable implies it is an option rather than a given.

Dockable with a real estate auto fill when you hide the said panel/window with a key command. Not difficult to implement and ensures you can keep every window attached to the dock in foreground. How anybody can’t see that as better than the current window layout/workspaces is beyond me. A company of such size that can invent VST and note expression etc think the messy/fiddly workspace they have atresent is better.
Cubase rocks and the new updates except what I have posted about are brilliant. Just sort the screen layout out!

Please Steinberg, do NOT advertise Cubase Pro 8 as a DAW with dockable windows :blush:

EDITED (due to a Board Warning):
IF you do, it will be misuse of marketing IMO.


could you please post a link were WE advertise dockable windows?


Sadly, I imagine he made the same logical error I did while skimming through the features and seeing, "New Windows Layout, Workspaces’, and the word “Dockable”, and just assuming (wishful thinking) you guys had made the UI fully dockable per feature requests in the Cubase 7 forum. I was particularly bummed to find I couldn’t dock the mixer at the bottom of everything else.

That’s exactly it, my friends.

Read your own wording again. I guess we are not the two only ones reading “Dockable”, as in Dockable :wink:

I wanted to check this out. I did find the word “Dockable” in the description of new features. I thought about stopping there but decided, “what the heck, I can read a few more words…”. So immediately following the word “Dockable” I found the words “rack and Media Bay”. So when I put them together the result is, “Dockable rack and Media Bay”.

Thank you jaslan,

that is exactly my point. It ONLY says “Dockable rack and Media Bay”, so I don’t see where or how


The Rack and the MediaBay ARE dockable, aren’t they?

Is this “mis-reading” of mine (and others) really worthy a Board Warning?

Serious :confused:

Really disappointed to read such an arrogant remark from a Steinberg admin. For those in a rush, which is pretty much 99% of people in society, reading through so much information in a limited amount of time, it can easily be construed that the update is Dockable and I emphesise the word “able” because the advert should have read it is possible to dock the media bay & rack, then there would be no doubts as to its capabilities. This post originally started because I was unsure of the use of the wording and wanted to be clear on it, and let’s be honest, to make the featured request that so many asked for, would have taken very little up and above what you have already done. It is of no surprise to me that a corporation would use words clevery to mislead somebody into buying something it isn’t. Sadly it is the lost world we live in. Thankfully for me the update does offer so much that I also wanted to use so I have taken the plunge and bought the update and I can only hope that at some point in the future Steinberg give us the fully Dockable feature so many requested, sadly for me though I no doubt see it being a feature on a paid upgrade!

Louis’s remarks were in no way arrogant. Since when do simply stated facts = arrogant?

I don’t see how my last post was “arrogant”. Your topic and your initial question are valid, and you got an answer right away from Steve. No, not all windows are dockable.

But another user posted a false accusation that we were advertising something it was not, and I wanted to point out that this is not the case, because it isn’t. The description is very specific on this regard, only MediaBay and Rack are dockable. I can understand that you and me and many other users would love to have all windows dockable, but this is unfortunately not the case, for now. But we haven’t said anywhere that it was, so all I am remarking here is that we haven’t promised anything that is not true, and we are not lying on our advertising, so please don’t accuse us of doing so.

Best regards