Are Allen Morgan Drums 1&2 no longer available?

If so? Is Steinberg going to offer them in legacy or future Cubase updates? Does anyone know where they can now be acquired elsewhere?

The following old Groove Agent One expansions have been discontinued:
Allen Morgan Signature Drums Vol. 1
Allen Morgan Signature Drums Vol. 2
Elek Drums

The Allen Morgan expansions are more heavily processed versions of the “Allen Morgan Signature Drums” Content Set for Groove Agent SE 4, which is included for free with Cubase.

The free “Rock Pop Toolbox” and “Production Grooves” (added in Cubase 9) Content Sets were also produced by him.

OK! …yeah. I just noticed AM listed in Production Grooves recently in Cubase 9. I’ll check out the Rock Pop Toolbox sounds as well.

As for the Volumes 1 & 2 expansions, I sometimes find AM sounds to be a little too processed for my needs so maybe I wouldn’t have liked them anyway since they’re “heavily processed”. Thanx!!