Are any of you using 4k TV's as monitors

For some years now, I have been using two HD TV’s for monitors, they work great but one is now on the blink.
I am thinking of buying a pair of 4k TVs to replace them. Is anyone using 4k TV? What is the experience like. Once I did a few tweaks to icon sizes, I got used to my old TVS and everything works well, both inside and outside Cubase & VSTs. Is this also true in 4k?

Thank you all

Yes. 65” 4K here. There are a few things to be aware of. (Discussed elsewhere).
Mate sure you get one that supports low latency (game mode) and turn off all “movie” stuff. Don’t use HD in windows settings. Etc. I’ve been using this for over a year now and won’t switch back. I do coding and many other things. No issues at all apart from maybe a slight crick in my neck sometimes, but that’s really because my chair’s not ideal.