Are C8 projects compatible with N7?

What the topic says… but I need to know if it will be 100% compatible - like in the past - switching between Cubase and Nuendo without loosing any kind of setting… I have truckloads of projects and mixes starten in Nuendo 6.5, mixed in C8… I want to get back to Nuendo ASAP… for that I want to open full blown C8 sessions in N7 and work on…

Or do I better finish in C8…? When I look back the past 15 years I would say “better finish in the old version first”… but I had so few issues going to C8… but I am missing Nuendo :slight_smile:

Worked exclusively in C8Pro since it came out last December leaving Nuendo 6.5 completely idle. Started working back in Nuendo when N7 hit the streets a couple weeks ago and haven’t had any issues with projects. In fact, after all these years of working with both applications, it seems like projects have never transferred from one to the other so smoothly. It appears to work equally well in either direction, actually, depending on whether or not you are trying to reopen a project in C8 that may have Nuendo specific features in use, of course.
By the way, I fell in love with the new Window layout capabilities in C8 and couldn’t stand going back to N6.5 as a result, but after a couple weeks in N7, it is good to be home again. I would bet you’ll feel the same. Cubase 8 is great, but Nuendo is Nuendo :smiley: