Are Cubase 6.5 files compatible with version 6.0x ? ?


I’m thinking about buying Cubase 6.5 because I really like the new comp and lanes feature. But my musical partner doesn’t want to pay for this update, so he won’t switch.

What I want to know is: can he read my 6.5 files with his 6.05 version?

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I don’t think they will fully translate to the earlier version - particularly the new comping mechanisms in 6.5. Of course someone else may correct me on that…!

You could always do quick renders of your work (in 6.5) as WAV’s and give/pass on to your friend for review or further work (maybe, even persuade him of the update being worth it…!)

I’ve seen the “this is a project saved in yada yada” prompt when saving older projects without really reading :blush:
So far 6.5 has been glitch free enough (can’t come up with one … !) that I trust the program, though.
I know I’ve seen the prompt on a 6.0.2 file, because I uttered a little "huh? :confused: ".
Exactly what it said I don’t remember.
Not sure if it’s any difference between SX3, C4, C5 and C6 in the actual message over the OK button?

Now I think about it, agreed - I’ve seen that prompt too… which kind of means once you’re committed to the newer version, that project will now not load/work in any earlier edition…

Ran across another one:

Thanx HowlingUlf,

So this means my friend can read files I created with 6.5 with his 6.05 version(?)
(Except of course for more advanced comping and the new plugins)

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