Are Cubase 6.5 stock reverb plugins any good?

I been using Cubase since SX and I’ve always used non steinberg reverbs so I think I’m biased towards not using Cubase stock reverb plugins, but I would like to change that, so I ask:
Are REVerence (an impulse response reverb), Roomworks and Roomworks SE any good?
Why should I prefer to buy another reverb plugin from some other company?
Which one of these is the one that should have the nicest room reverbs?

I’d also like to ask about IR Reverbs, does the brand matter? or is it just the IR sample what is important here?

Thank you for the information! :smiley:

Because it sounds good…

Reverence is EXCELLENT… There are some occasions where I have used Roomworks to good effect as well. That being said, I also have the UAD Lexicon 224, the EMT250, and the Plate 140 - all of which I also love for what they do.

Still… Reverence does some really amazing things. Try loading some “True Stereo” impulses into it sometime and prepare to be blown away. I have a great collection of impulses I have been loading into it.

xD The “NOT Steinberg” ones? Which ones do you like?

I will check out the Lexicon ones and theses TrueStereo samples that you mention. Where do I get those? or do they come with REVerence?
Thank you for the informative reply. :smiley:

Yes - very good for what they are designed to be.

Reverb algorithms differ, do a bit of reading on the Lexicon approach to artificial space. However requirements also vary - I have no love for 80s big reverb sound so lush and large does nothing for me… :sunglasses:

REVerence is designed for accuracy - so if there’s a particular room you’re after, and you have an impulse, REVerence would be your go-to choice. The supplied library is very respectable though.

NO - the math is universal -

Awesome answer. Thank you :smiley:

I like the Reverence, which is a IR reverb. Don’t care at all for SB algorithmic reverb though…

Aloha I,
I recently read a post (and I believe it was somewhere on this board)
that someone was having some built-in bug type probs with Roomworks.
I’ll try and find that post and link back here.

In the meantime and IMHO

Rommworks SE —OK for most instruments. (snare drums/toms/guitars/organs/synths etc).
But not vox. ------------------------------A level ‘D-C’ plug.

Roomworks--------Nice sounding all around reverb plug.
BG vox-OK. But not main vox --------A level ‘C-B’ plug.

Reverence----in many situations can compete with the big boys.
Can be used for just about any thing. -------A level ‘B-A’ plug.

Keep in mind all three plugs still sound like Steinberg.

IMHO when it comes to reverbs/eq’s/comp/limi’s etc
it is smart to also have some other 3rd party ‘colours’ on your pallet.