Are Cubase 7 and 5 projects semi-compatible?

I know I can open C5 projects in C7, but it’s possible the other way around?

I ask this because I had a coworker that had Cubase 5 and sometimes I want to send my project to him for editing and then he send me back the project for mixing.

I know in Profools you can open projects from different versions and only the functionality is limited to the tools of the version used.

Is this possible with C7 and C5 ?

Cheers! :smiley:

Tested it. I got “corrupted data etc.” warnings but managed to playback the project. Based on this, it’s possible but not recommended.

and you losted something when went back to C7 ?

Not sure. I have no reason to go back to C5 so just tested it very rapidly for you. At least the playback sounded the same.

Oh Ok! I suppose I will just try when I see my coworker


Works fine for me as long as I am careful not to use facilities which weren’t in C5 (eg rack strip, variaudio etc). For sure if you use rack strip then the file still loads it just doesn’t have the fx applied. Normally under these circumstances what you are after is the basic project structure, audio files, midi parts etc playing at the right time so this is good enough.

Cheers from sunny France


Maybe I can use the OMF function!

…and utterly destroy your work. A good experiment for you though.