Are Dorico updates cumulative?

I have searched but not found :frowning: .

I’ve just ordered Dorico. There have been three updates since Dorico was released. Will I need to download and apply these successively, or does update 1.0.30 include the two previous ones?

You can skip the other updates and run straight the 1.0.30 updater.

Thank you Ulf!

In fact if you have just bought Dorico you should find that you automatically get 1.0.30 installed, and you don’t need to run any of the updaters.

Thanks Daniel. I bought the boxed version from a dealer here in Australia and should get it next week. I guess their stock should include at least the first two updates.

If you use the DVDs to install, it will automatically download 1.0.30 for you and install that. The DVDs don’t actually contain any version of the Dorico application itself: that is always necessary to download during installation. Of course only the application itself is downloaded – all of the sample content etc. is installed from the DVD-ROMs.

I assume same logic works with Cubase
I can skip 9.5.1 and just install 9.5.2 over 9.5 installer and it includes all previous features and fixes of 9.5.1 right ?

To be even surer of getting a reply, you might want to post in the Cubase forum itself. Good luck!

Yes, the same applies with Cubase: if you’re currently running 9.5 you can go direct to 9.5.20 by running only the 9.5.20 updater.