Are expression maps always preserved?


I’m not sure I understand when an expression map is deleted from the Expression Maps dialog.

Are they always preserved, if they are in one of the available playback templates?

If you select a different playback template, not containing all the custom expression maps, are the expression maps not used at the moment preserved and still available in the Expression Maps dialog?

Is there a risk a custom expression map to be deleted? For example, maybe it happens if you delete a playback template pointing to an endpoint configuration making use of that expression map?

I am asking the above, because it happened that some custom expression maps were deleted from the list. I can’t understand why, and would like to prevent it from happening again.


Expression maps are only saved with the project or with the endpoint configuration. If you want to use EM’s independent of a project or endpoint then you just need to use the “export library” feature. You can then simply import them to whatever project you like. I do this all the time and it’s also an easy way to keep various test versions available saved under different names if needed.

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Thank you for your answer, dko22.