Are MP3 imports even supported?

Halion 4 accepts dragging and dropping of MP3 files from the Cubase Mediabay, however, the keyboard stays grayed out and I cannot actually play the MP3 back. If I save a VST Preset for the loaded MP3, Halion 4’s Mediabay will constantly complain about being unable to find the missing file. I can tell it exactly which directory the MP3 resides, but it still complains.

Has anyone got MP3 files to load, play and save properly in Halion 4?

Nope, I was quite disappointed not being able to use MP3 file :cry: s…

Damn. Thanks for the reply and confirmation Daniel. It is a real shame MP3 files can’t be used as they are just as mainstream as WAV files nowadays. I have tons of MP3’s I downloaded that I would love to use. They don’t sound bad at all and a little EQ can definitely bring them back to life.

If MP3 are not supported, why does Halion 4 allow you to drag and drop them into itself? Any other formats not supported halt you with a stop sign when trying to import these foreign formats.

Can MP3 support be added in the future Steinberg?

I guess another [FEAT REQ] is incoming…