Are other official (in addition to BBCSO) templates previewed?

I searched in the forum for the answer to this question but I did not find anything. I am sorry if I missed it.

I saw that there is an official template for each of the three versions of the Spitfire BBC Symphonic Orchestra.
I was wondering if there will be official templates for other full orchestral packages like, e.g., Hollywood Orchestra with the forthcoming addition of OPUS.

Thanks for your answers!

Second that! My two main orchestras are BBCSO and EWSO, I’m so busy that I’ll take a template and run with it as there’s little time to futz with settings. Anyhow I’m happy with BBCSO and can work but adding East West would be great.

The OPUS addition looks interesting, I hope they make the library more cohesive (whatever that means - BBCSO feels much more cohesive to me) rather than just adding stuff (it’s already big).

We are not currently working on expression maps or playback templates for EastWest Hollywood Orchestra, but we’ll talk to the people at EastWest and see if that’s something they would be interested in working with us on.

This is good news! Please let us know the answer, if possible!
What about other companies? Like Berlin Orchestra, VSL, Cinematic Studio Orchestra (when it will be completed)?

Also, about Cinematic Studio, there will be in the future the possibility to put a negative time delay on an instrument track? Like one can do in Cubase.
If this is off-topic I can move this question to a new thread.


“Official templates” are not necessarily any better than user created ones of which there are quite a few around and some can be found under the sticky at the top of the forum. I think John has done a good job overall with the BBC templates and would recommend them, though I did find it necessary to change a handful of things for string responsiveness in particular. The really advanced libraries like VSL full have so many possible ways of doing them it really is best to either start from scratch or take something which approaches the way you use the library but having said that, it does look like VSL will bring out at least something for the Synchron Special Edition, although that one is relatively easy to programme.

In short, decide on your library first according to its attributes. From what I can remember, it was Jonathan Loving who did the Sibelius EWQL soundsets, rather than anything official from the software company but I stand to be corrected. I myself only use the Choirs from that company and that requires only the default EM. As for Berlin and CSS, I have no direct experience and, as you say, there is not yet a full orchestra available from Cinematics. I’m sure when there is, a fair number of people will take notice.

Steinberg’s own Iconica libraries were released 2 years ago when Dorico was already in version 2 so it seems reasonable to expect that appropriate maps and templates for Dorico will eventually be made available.