Are Portico/YVC still being actively developed?

Hi, after demoing the PORTICO/ Yamaha vintage collection I´m close to taking the plunge and buying these for my main eq/comp duties.

However, I´m not seeing any signs of these plugs being actively developed really. No updates for a very long time, no cmc121 direct support etc. Worried that I would spend a lot of cash on a abandoned plug-in series.

Like the sound of them a lot.

Best regards


Yep, because of the lack of support I have sold them again, although I liked the sound.
Now I mix nearly exclusevly with console 1.

For the same reason I also have sold my cc121. A company that con not match the own hardware to her own software… :unamused:

console 1 look very tempting as well, especially since I have the Tubetech series that apparently integrates well with Console 1.

I think Steinberg’s developers have their hands very full trying to address the major Yosemite compatibility issues which caught them out at the end of last year. I would imagine they want to keep these plug-in products going, since they took a lot of effort to create and are high profile high-end models.

At the moment, the RND Portico and YVC plugins are currently listed as ‘Not officially compatible’ along with several other products.

Tech support told me this morning that they are working on it, but that their mainstream apps have (understandably) taken priority.

Well, i bought the stuff and keeps my fingers crossed…