Are songs made in Cubase copyrighed?


Sorry if this has been asked before, but I could not find anything about it on the forum.

If you buy a license of Cubase Elements 8 and use the sounds/samples/sequenses etc included in Cubase to make a song, will I be the owner of this song? Can I for example upload it on Youtube and monetize the video?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, you would be the owner of the song. I am not sure what you mean by sequences… Most the samples I know of in groove agent or whatnot I use as one shots. If they have loops, you would be best creating your own rhythms. I am sure you could play one note and make a song while the vsts or loop plays and call it done, but I wouldn’t.

As far as copyright. you must copyright your own music. Cubase sounds being copyright is probably some sort of free creative license.