Are sounds absolutely in grid? Experts wanted!

There’s a midi note for piano at bar 3 beat 1, when playing back live, when the playhead hits bar 3 beat 1, it triggers the sample of that piano, which takes some time, so when we heard this sound, it’s actually not right on beat1, but maybe on beat 1.001 or something, there’s a latency for that, especially for slow speed harddrive.

BUT , when using the exporting function, are we having that piano sound right on beat 1 ? Or cubase automatically give us what we heard during playback live?



Even during the playback, there is Automatic Delay Compensation mechanism in Cubase. Lots of plug-ins (both VST and VSTi) need a time to process the signal. Cubase knows the Delay (needed time) of all plug-ins in the signal chain of every single track. Thanks to this, Cubase sends data from every single track earlier to process it and count with this needed delay. At the end all tracks are perfectly in sync.

Got it. But I use a lot of external midi tracks, which goes to other sample machines, maybe Cubase does not know how to auto-delay compensate for just midi tracks?


In the VST Connections > External Instruments, you can define the routing to the HW synths. And you can set the Delay here. Then the latency is compensate even for the HW gears.