Are Steinberg deliberately trying to kill off these forums?

Hiding it under a sea of menus doesn’t help for starters (on their website). Of course I use a bookmark, but someone not “in the know” would struggle to find it via their support section

Oh, the struggle!

What is your suggestion for improvement?

Both the “Support” and “Community” links take you to a “Forums/Forum” link.

Does it need to be one click/tap from the main Steinberg page?


That is some pretty tough stuff to deal with. Whew …

Oh the pain…the pain!!!:joy::joy::joy:

Yeah it´s a cruel world. Not many sem to be “in the know” nowadays, and even less seem to know how look something up theirselves… Two clicks from the main page seems almost unmanageable.

Well to some people everything is either gamechangingly awesomely incredible or it’s a pathetic embarrassing deadly failure.

But it’s got ELECTROLYTES!!

Trolls and haters are always looking for something to complain about.

I am on few Cubase Facebook groups. If you have a problem look for answers in multiple places.

“Is,” not “Are” and no, they aren’t. The links are right on the main website. If the company didn’t want to host the forums they’d be gone. I give the company a lot of credit for having them and allowing a wide ranging discussion.

Anyway, now that you have found them. Enjoy. There’s a wealth of good posts by some very expert users. If you have a question, try a search and you’ll often find an answer to your question. Good luck.

The, not “they” …


:blush: :laughing: (corrected)

British English uses the plural to refer to businesses and corporations. So this is a correction correction. :ugeek: :stuck_out_tongue:

Or to give it its correct name… English :open_mouth:

For those not in the know… England is in Great Britain and The English Language originated there, hence both the language and its people are both known as ‘English’ :ugeek:

The English are well known for their use and enjoyment of sarcasm :sunglasses:

The term “British English” has been cracking me up for a little while now. My almost five year old son has a series of language DVDs - one of which is called, you guessed it, British English. I was just like … :confused: .


Not very likely! We here usually deliver more and faster support than the Steinberg support desk can? It’s only in cases like access to systems or logins where you really need Steinberg? But functionality wise I’d say the level is pretty high in this forum? There’s more combined knowledge here about Steinberg products than any local desk could ever contain. They’d be really stupid to kill this off! And frankly, i don’t see this happening in the near future?