Are the Raven & Eagle Grand Piano much better?

How much better are these 2 pianos than the Halion Sonic 2 pianos?
They sound pretty good in the vids but I’d like to hear a first hand account if anyone might care to share their experiences with them.

This 2 new piano’s sounds bad.
Don’t buy it for the piano’s

…and the trial is out next week so you can decide for yourself then…

Personally, I think they’re great. Nothing wrong with them!
However, it’s all down to taste and dependent on what music you’re producing …

Thanks everyone!

John: would you say there’s more definition and dynamics to the overall sound compared to the HS 2 pianos? What’s the load size?

Raven 202MB
Eagle 274MB

I tend to play jazz / classical stuff at the moment. I’m finding the tone and dynamics very appealing.
Again, wait for the demo - hopefully you’ll like it :slight_smile:

Edit: I can see now that I took the ‘size’ of the instruments from the amount of space they took up in Halion 6 - my bad :confused:

Many thanks John!

Native instruments - The Grandeur 4,6 GB.
And this sounds very good.

Eagle is about 7.4 GB, Raven is 3.2 GB.

Eagle definitely sounds fuller and more expressive than the stock Halion 5 piano if that’s what you’re looking for.

Has anyone noticed that Eagle seems to be based on the same samples as Native Instruments’ Maverick?

They seem to have a similar character by pure chance. I don’t think they’re the same samples.

Have you tried comparing the waveforms? Many of them are perfect visual matches down to every single peak, and when playing both instruments simultaneously with one phase-inverted, some samples almost cancel (note, there is obviously a different EQ applied to the samples in Eagle compared to Maverick, so they won’t cancel fully). I don’t imagine this result is possible with separately recorded samples.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with this; it seems that the samples were licensed in a slightly altered form for Halion. I was just intrigued and a little disappointed that I wasn’t really getting two fully new pianos when I updated to Halion 6.

Not better at all. They are OK, but the Piano’s you can find anywhere on the net. The Grand or Grand 2. They sound OK, but not worth the buy of halion 6 for. Halion 6 is quite ok though…

I also just compared these two. (Eagle and Mavericks) They are indeed sonically Identical. What in the world?? This is lame.