Are the recent failings by steinberg related to YAMAHA?

I’ve been using cubase since SX and recommending it to everyone i talk to for so many years. I do not recall them ever being this incompetent, flat out ignoring their own user base. I know that fairly recently they became owned by Yamaha but i haven’t kept up with the details of it.

How long ago was the switch and do any of you feel like it might be related to what we are dealing with?

2006 IIRC and yes , i always said i would bail out because of the Yamaha involvement , it may still happen .

What exactly are we ‘dealing with’?


I’ve been using Cubase since SX as well and I don’t see incompetence at Steinberg or see them ignoring their user base!

In fact, I see that one of the feature requests I made during 7.5 usage was even implemented in Pro 8 and makes my usage easier every day as a result - that’s certainly not ignoring the users!

That being said, there’s so many different usage scenarios of this product I personally feel they should be doing more during the BETA phase with the current user base. Allowing users to BETA new versions in order to maximize the bug identification or workflow issues before final release.
It’s really quite easy to issue a time limited BETA license for a Beta Test version when using an eLicenser!

IMO Yamaha connection has been good for SB … Particularly on the hardware front. In the past SB hardware attempts came and went very quickly and without much apparent support. Of course Internet downloads and upgradable firmware wasn’t as readily available, but nonetheless I think the range of audio interfaces available over the past 5 years have been supported quite well. OK the somethings have been dropped, like the CMC Controllers, but they weren’t big ticket investments. I think the Yamaha connection has been completely responsible for that.

On the software front I think SB have operated as they have done all the while. My sense is that support has improved… These forums are way better monitored than the older iteration. Obviously not every user’s desires are met but I have no doubt that maintenance updates for every app will arrive … For the major apps regularly.

Now, I don’t know how Yamaha have affected SB internally on a day to day basis … but I’ll risk a guess and say it’s better than when Pinnacle were at the helm…

Aloha guys, just to chime in…

Even after all this time Yamy keeps updating the ‘drivers and tools’
for my two old Steinberg/Yamaha n12’s so I too think Yamy
is still on the Steiny bus.

my 2cents

I know nothing of any “failings” but I’ve always seen the Steinberg/Yamaha affiliation as a good thing, being a long time user of Yamaha products, as well as a Steinberg user :ugeek:

Steinberg has been ignoring their users for years. They don’t need help from Yamaha.


I got depressed when Pinnacle (weak consumer based Co) bought SB.

I celebrated when Yamaha took over.

Yamaha has the Hardware Technology, Size, and Market Muscle to position SB for the Biggest Studios and Post Facilities if they choose to. This is win/win for both companies. Yamaha’s Final Frontier, as it were.

They seem to be creeping in that direction.
It does have to make business sense, though.
Hope it does.


I’ve “been with” Steinberg since Pro12 which was back when they had to chisel machine code directly on the chips.

I don’t think they are.

They participate in this forum, they respond to Support submissions, they create new standards. I don’t think they are.

I don’t know who “we” are and what we are “dealing with”, or whether it’s related to the switch.

Please enlighten us, so we can help confuse others with possibly related what’s.

And yet they are still in business.

How is that possible?

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Light a fire and let the others supply their fuel. :mrgreen:

It’s a divine comedy.

And the audience, watching the flames, is huge.

It’s comical insanity alright, divinity is just delusional hope of an exit somewhere.

Got to enjoy it though, or it’s all for nothing.