Are there any good (active) Discord servers about Cubase?

Are there? :slight_smile:

If so, please post an invite link.

There’s the Cubase Nation Discord server, which is the most popular and a lot of free tutorials and stuff are posted there:-

And there’s also this one that I joined a while ack which is active, but has less members and more relaxed:-


Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

heard about discord here and there ,i tried to register about a year ago to see what is it , and i didn’t get what is all about and didn’t try again!
is it a “regular” forum or it has some other concepts in mind and interaction with users ?

It’s basically a live chat service that retains it’s archive. So much more instantaneous, shorter dialogs between people than a forum.

There’s less argumentative discussions and more about helping and sharing to each other, and making friends.

It’s basically like a big whatsapp group, but you can join via a link and there’s different sections. It’s always been big in the gaming community as it allowed clans (groups of people) to come together and move across games without breaking the group up, and allowed for an easy place to arrange what time everyone would be online that night.

Over the years it’s extended out as a more general platform.

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Yes, I had been on Discord too some time ago, but the speed with which the chat moved at times (when there’s many people online) made me feel like an old fart, so I just let it go.

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