Are there any major differences between Cubase 10 and 10.5?

After a couple of years using Logic Pro, I decided to buy Cubase Pro 10 earlier this year. However, a few twists and turns in my life resulted in me hardly having the time to use it at all. I intended to purchase lessons to use the software, but after finally getting around to it today, I’ve found out that the website I intend to buy the tutorials from only sells lessons for Cubase 10.5 now instead of 10. I am wondering if there are any major differences between the two versions that will render me unable to follow these tutorials.

Hi and welcome,

No, there are not big differences in this manner. You can easily use Cubase 10.5 with Cubase 10 tutorials.

Unfortunately, the question is the other way round I think Martin. He has Cubase 10 but can now only find Cubase 10.5 tutorials.


The other way around is the same. Just some features could be missing in Cubase 10. But the principles of working with Cubase are still very same.

I think 10.5 is going to be a pass for me (even though the price to upgrade from 10.0 is reasonable enough), the elements that got visual upgrades and the qol tweaks don’t seem to be enough of a purchase reason for me.

On the topic of the question, no big differences and almost all 10.0 and 10.5 tutorials will be interchangeable.

They don’t remove anything in the later versions so the workflow from previous versions remains the same.

Sometimes they add another way to do something that is better though. Aside from importing tracks and mixer settings from other projects and the new smart tool, nothing else has really changed workflow wise from version 10 to 10.5

Since Cubase 10.5 only just came out a month ago, I would guess that most of the videos/lessons/tutorials that you find are actually NOT in Cubase 10.5 and were just re-branded/marketed that way unless they literally just made them.

I teach private one on one lessons in Cubase from my studio in Hollywood, Los Angeles as well as on location in other people’s studios or homes within the LA area and I can also help with hardware, setup problems as well as acoustics and studio design. I don’t have any online pre-recorded lessons available for purchase at this point but I can stream live over the net directly from Cubase with the audio coming directly out of Cubase as well as seeing the DAW in real-time for private lessons for those not within LA.

If you know how to use Logic Pro X and you learnt all the key commands, you might want to re-assign them in Cubase so you can use the same key commands in Cubase. Just a thought.

However if you intend to upgrade to Cubase 11 when it arrives you don’t save anything by skipping 10.5.

cost of X.0 to X.5 + cost of X.5 to X+1.0 = cost of X.0 to X+1.0

I believe this is the commutative law of Cubase pricing :astonished:

Although you could buy 10.5 upgrade and not activate it until C11 is announced…

Export video with sound is a nice new feature

I also upgraded to 10.5 because the video export looks promising. Will be working with it for the next few weeks and as far as I can tell the basic functionality between 10.0 and 10.5 is the same.

The updates that may have a difference are the following uprgrades:
Spectral Comparison EQ
Clean up your mix more accurately.

Video Export Render
Render videos as MP4 (H.264) with 16-bit stereo audio.

MultiTap Delay
Made for musicians with a range of inspiring creative options.

Padshop 2
Even more creative tools and sonic inspiration.

Colorized Mixer Channels
Instantly find the channels you are looking for.

Import Tracks From Project
Exchange data between projects, or create new project templates, more easily.

Combine Select Tools
Work faster with objects and ranges using one powerful tool.

Retrospective MIDI Record
Capture your MIDI input, even when you have not started recording.

The Score Editor
Powerful new features and improvements.

The Macro creation
Create Macros faster with new improved functionality.

LUFS Normalize
Choose to normalize by either dB Loudness Unit (EBU R128) or by setting dBFS Max.

Safe Start Mode
Initiate Cubase without any third-party plug-ins loaded.

Stereo Delay, De-Esser and Roomworks
New plug-ins for Cubase Elements.

Graphical Performance
Zooming and scrolling in large projects has been improved.