Are there any Massey DRT equivalents for VST platform?

I would love to try this plugin for drums. But it doesn’t support the VST plaform. Are there any Massey DRT equivalents that would work on the VST platform? If not, could I use it on the free PT App and then print the results? Any and all suggestions regarding this welcomed.

Thanks! :wink:

Drumagog and Slate Trigger spring to mind, i have trigger and it’s pretty decent, comes up on special offer quite frequently too…

Yeah, I’ve got Drumagog, Discreet Drums, Drumatom and EZ Drums. I’ll try the Slate Trigger. But his library is very metal oriented and I do a lot of film score, jazz, R&B and more mainstream pop projects. So, I don’t know how much use I’d get out of his library.

So, I guess the real question now is will the Massey DRT work on the PT app, or do I need a full blown PT DAW to get it to work?

Yes the Slate library IS very metal orientated you’re right… i seem to remember using it to trigger BFD3 for ‘acoustic’ samples or Arturia Spark 2/GAO on occasion though with some decent results… how about triggering EZ Drummer with it?

Well, you can use any library you want with it. So, it’s definitely worth picking up. I just want to find a way to use that Massey DRT plugin with Nuendo. If it will work in the PT App, then I’ll definitely go for it!