Are there any new/additional spaces for REVerence?

Are there any new/additional spaces to download for expanding REVerence?

Um, on the C6 discs there are some extras. Or did you install these and are now asking for more? :confused:

I dig the REV but I also purchased SIR2. Using SIR2, there is an Italian site called MoReVox that sells IRs that work in it. For a $50 investment you have more IRs than you know what to do with - if that is your goal. REV is great, but it’s files are specialized. I use both depending on the situation with the SIR2 program having more adjustable parameters.

If you take to SIR2, then you should check out Redwirez. It uses the same idea of IRs but applies the technology to mic’d speaker cabs. It’s an amazing tool, too. :sunglasses:

Aloha M,

I have 50 (approx 60 mg) ‘Lexicon 200’ IRs that work just fine
in the Reverence plug-in.

If you PM me. I will try and e-mail you some (or all) of them.



I think this is one of the best free IRs out there. I have 480, Quantec, M6000 etc from signaltonoise ( ), but they don’t sound all that great. Samplicity M7 sounds really good, and the IRs are well organized as well. Download the quad ch WAV 32 bit for using in REVerence.

Thanks curteye! Ir’s work great!
Do you have anybody nearby with a Windows computer? Maybe you can download the samples there?

Greetz Dylan.

sweet thanks to you both