Are there any plans for a Cubasis 3 DAW update?


are there any plans for a Cubasis update to improve the DAW or can I uninstall Cubasis 3 from my iPad Pro, because this isn’t going to happen?

At the moment I’m using Logic Pro, without any of the effects or instruments provided by Logic Pro.

I like the user interface of Cubasis much better than the one of Logic Pro, but unfortunately Logic Pro offers all the countless features missing by Cubasis since years.

That Cubasis now offers additional instruments doesn’t improve Cubasis as a DAW. We users already own countless audio units providing all those sounds and features, what we want is a decent DAW.


Hi @unknown_crewman

Thanks for your message.

Cubasis 3.6 not only introduced four new instruments, but also added various additional features and improvements, which I’ve listed below.

Please let us have more details about the feature additions you are looking for.


Additional New Features and Improvements

Arrange Window

  • CBT-3560 Audio event fade-ins to less than 100% gain no longer crackle during the fading phase.
  • CBT-3514 Fixes a random issue, where playing audio tracks while recording does not work as expected.
  • CBT-3569 Fixes a rare problem, where the arranger view is not properly recalled after a project has been loaded.
  • CBT-3504 Resolves an issue where manually time-stretching multiple events leaded to unwanted resizing results.
  • CBT-3493 MIDI track names are now properly updated after reassigning an instrument.
  • CBT-3537 Resolves a rare problem where drag and drop of an audio file from another iOS app rendered Cubasis unreliable.
  • CBT-3505 Setup option added to permanently show the add/remove track bar above the track list.
  • CBT-3533 Inspector now highlights the currently opened effect.
  • CBT-2853 Resolves a problem with complex projects, where playback may lag when recording has stopped.
  • CBT-2843 Auto-quantized notes at the cycle start are now properly recorded and played back.

Mixer, Instruments & Effects

  • CBT-296 Optional dark on-board keyboard mode added to the Keys/Pads setup section.
  • CBT-3503 Velocity sensitivity of on-screen keyboard is now scaled correctly.
  • CBT-3651 Changing the the tempo of the Micrologue ARP IAP now works as expected.
  • CBT-3564 Resolves an issue where “no multi-output AUs” was visible in the MediaBay if an audio track was selected.
  • CBT-3465 Resolves an issue where the preset state of an Audio Unit instrument was not properly saved.
  • CBT-3521 The Hub no longer freezes when loading a project containing Inter-App Audio plug-ins.
  • CBT-3461 Routing an AU plug-in to another MIDI track no longer results in skipped or shortened notes.
  • CBT-2680 Resolves an issue with some AU MIDI effects where notes were skipped.
  • CBT-3660 Resolves a problem where MIDI effects remain silent after the keyboard is closed.
  • CBT-3513 MIDI track I/O to/from other track now properly updates the track name.
  • CBT-3498 Tapping on a mixer channel`s output number now opens the output selection popup as expected.
  • CBT-3499 Selecting input channels 17 - 24 on iPhone now works as expected.
  • CBT-3638 The active page button in MasterStrip is now correctly highlighted.


  • CBT-3545 Resolves an issue where the MIDI editor shows a wrong ruler range after opening an event.
  • CBT-3619 Drawing MIDI program change value 0 now works as expected.
  • CBT-3618 MIDI editor program change value label is now properly displayed in all views.
  • CBT-3522 Tapping and holding on an empty area in the MIDI editor now shows the selection rectangle, even if a tool is enabled.
  • CBT-3501 Fixes a graphical issue, where the “note ends” button in quantize popup had the wrong state.
  • CBT-3509 When pasting MIDI CC data into another CC value the pasted data is now properly highlighted.
  • CBT-3596 Moving multiple notes in the MIDI editor now plays an audible preview.


  • CBT-2813 Public beta feature addition: Up to 64/64 physical inputs and outputs (depending on hardware in use).
  • CBT-525 Custom view height changes are now properly remembered for all views.
  • CBT-490 Views snap to their default height when resizing.
  • CBT-3500 Fixes a rare problem where importing a Cubasis 2 project containing Arabic characters failed to load.
  • CBT-3490 Creating stems of projects containing a group track now works as expected.
  • CBT-3652 The display of dropdowns containing lots of entries has been greatly improved.
  • CBT-3447 Dropdown menus are now properly displayed on iPad mini 6 in Tablet XL mode.
  • CBT-2887 Fixes an issue where text in a popup was wider than the popup itself.
  • CBT-3572 Sorting the MediaBay by date column no longer ignores the creation time.
  • CBT-3532 Resolves an issue where date and time were displayed in long instead of short format in the MediaBay.
  • CBT-3610 Autoplay button is now disabled when selecting a preset without autoplay.
  • CBT-3646 Resolves a rare issue where loading a Format 1 MIDI file failed.
  • CBT-3653 Double tap on a knob to reset its value now works as expected.
  • CBT-3539 Cubasis now displays a message when a call or an alarm stops recording on iOS.
  • CBT-3650 Importing projects with audio files that were zipped manually on macOS now works correctly.
  • CBT-3659 Importing projects from zip files that contain subfolders now works as expected.
  • CBT-3556 Elastique lib has been updated to version 3.4.2.
  • CBT-3672 Added a MIDI Learn preset for ESI Xjam.
  • CBT-3595 The shop now indicates that a purchase is being processed after tapping a purchase button.


  • CBT-3531 Latency setup option has been added on Android.
  • CBT-3536 The Android version now informs you if microphone access is impossible.
  • CBT-3648 Android file permissions are now correctly set for all files that are saved.
  • CBT-3508 Importing zip files on Android now works as expected.
  • CBT-3543 Resolves an issue where importing factory audio files rendered Cubasis unreliable on Android.
  • CBT-3555 Resolves a problem where projects were not properly saved on Android when quitting the app.
  • CBT-3520 Fixes an issue on Android and Chrome OS, where enabling monitoring resulted in feedback noise.