Are there any stats on Nuendo with i9

I’ve been considering updating/upgrading from i7 to i9 with Win 10 Pro. Anyone know if there are any issues running on the later platform?

Actually, come to think of it, you can look into how Steinberg solved a Windows 10 limitation by shutting off some cores when ASIOguard is off. I think there might have been some other thing going on as well.

A quick search led me to these posts. Try to decipher it. I can’t recall the specifics right now, but off the top of my head the practical threshold is 6 physical cores, so any issue might impact a CPU with 8 cores and up. Since it would be borderline crazy to buy a six-core CPU today it really doesn’t appear to matter much since you don’t have many options (i.e. it’s pretty much 8+ cores). If anything more cores might still be better, simply because as you hit 16 logical cores (with hyper-/multi-threading) half will get shut off in that particular outcome, which still leaves you with more cores by getting, well, more cores… Anyway:

I would buy an 8+ core CPU regardless, but I’d try to get my head around the above if you work with virtual instruments a lot. Maybe ask people (in that thread) who do that for a living and see what their experience has been.