Are there libraries that can handle separate dynamics on different hands?

Specifically for piano and marimba, are there libraries that can give us different dynamics from different hands at the same time? And is Dorico able to do that anyway? For a marimba piece I did recently, in order to get a more accurate playback, I had to make a version in Dorico with the single four-hand marimba piece split in to four staves and playing in to four instances of a marimba patch. I’m working on orchestrating some piano music, and the same issue is coming up. I know that the VST 3 spec is able to handle dynamics on the individual note level, and so I’m hoping maybe there are some VST 3 plugins that can do this yet?

What you need to do is write local dynamics for those different voices (use alt-enter instead of enter to end the popover). And enable irv in Play mode (if you don’t know what that is, please read pp17-18 in Version history for 4.0.30)
Any library should then do what you want…

Cool. Thank you. So, from what I can tell, that is still a situation where you have to have separate instances of the instrument in order to be able to play back the different dynamics at the same time. This saves my issue of not having to split the single stave in to multiple staves (which is great), but I’m also wondering if there are any libraries that are able to internally handle these multiple voices in a single instance-like you can do with VST3 synths where you can do a pitchbend on an individual note within a chord for example.

To be clear, you helped me with the most important part-keeping the Dorico score clean. Thanks again!

Can’t see anything about IRV on those pages…

I didn’t see the info on those specific pages, but I googled “Dorico IRV” and saw a video on it.

Page 9:

Page 30:

With the voice-independent dynamics control for independent velocity, all VST keyboard instruments can do this.
Also, when using IRV in Dorico, you can send all voices to the same VST instrument (better for the pedal), but you don’t actually need IRV for voice-specific dynamics control when entering with the ALT key…

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Is there a way to go back to an old project and change the global dynamics to local? Or do I need to delete and redo them?

Also, is there a way to copy dynamics from one part and paste them in to another part for the specific voice?

You can open multiple projects at the same time in Dorico and copy/paste dynamic characters.
To copy to specific voices, use the input caret and select the correct voices before pasting.
Unfortunately I don’t know what to do with the terms ‘local and global dynamics’.