Are there options for changing note spacing in Dorico Elements?

Engrave mode options must be limited in Dorico Elements.
Can’t find a way to manipulate note spacing or bar spacing.

Note spacing is a Layout Option since one might wish different spacings in different layouts/parts; does Elements support Layout Options?

Yes. I was able to manipulate it well enough in the layout menu with time and effort.
But obviously engrave mode in Dorico Pro would have been much faster.

Why is that? One can choose multiple layouts and set common attributes in one swoop.

Engrave mode is indeed smaller in Dorico Elements than in Dorico Pro: in Dorico Elements, you can’t control note spacing or staff spacing at the same granular level that you can in Pro.

If you’d like to share a bit more detail about the circumstances you’re trying to make changes to, such as by sharing some screenshots or a project file, other users here might be able to suggest other ways of achieving your desired end result using the features available in Elements.

I simply wanted to move one bar with repeats that was awkwardly placed at the bottom of a page to the top of the next page.
I manipulated eventually using the global tools.
But, I am finding Elements to be too restricting.

That you most certainly can do in Elements, using a frame break.

(As a general point: f you’re thinking “I want to move these specific bars to another system or page”, then you’re thinking about casting off; if you’re thinking “I want these notes to be closer together, so the whole flow can squeeze onto fewer pages”, then you’re thinking about note spacing.)