Are there some kind of global/local Key Commands in Cubase?

I’m almost certain that some plugins work with their own “local” Key Command" over the “global” Key Commands of Cubase, like if I’m hitting CTRL+Z with some, probably Steinberg’s, VSTi then I can undo locally in the Instrument.
Now I’m trying in HALion 6 (what a blast! :sunglasses: ) to undo with CTRL+Z … with no luck. :open_mouth:
For that to work the plugin of course have to override the Key Commands in Cubase, and maybe there is a setting for this that I have forgotten about?
I’m almost certain I did this the other day but in some other plugin.

If that won’t work I can resort to the buttons in the GUI, no problem, but …

Dunno about H6 but Halion Sonic SE works ok with Ctrl Z as long as the window is selected.
But if you click outside of it then the undo operates on the previous global operation.

There used to be a setting for plugins get key commands but not any more…I think they should just get them if the plug is the focused window.

it might have been HSSE I saw it in.

Steinberg! :unamused: