Are these plugins 64bit?

The text on the main site is confusing. Are these plugins 64bit compatible or not? Can anyone help me figure this out?

I bought these presuming they were 64 bit. My application DAW is Digital Performer, which is 64bit AU.


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On the site, as you can see, it clearly reads “Native 32-bit and 64-bit plug-in version.”

But it does not seem to show up as a 64bit AU.

I’m pretty disappointed by this.

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It appears it was some kind of weird error with the eLicensing system.

They are indeed 64bit after all.

Problem solved.

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p.s. I truly loathe the eLicenser/dongle business. It’s such a drag. But the internet doesn’t need another rant on that topic…

I have just built a new 64-bit system, and believe me you do notwant the aggravation of countless C/R plugins.
iLOK & eLicenser is a hell of a lot simpler & faster

+1 for sure!