Are voice commands even possible with a DAW?

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'Bored in the house
‘Bored in the house’
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so stupid question here. (this is what the lounge is for, right)?

Wondering where Cubase will be several years from now.

As long as Cubase is not in a normal recording and transport mode; (transport has stopped),

being able to speak things like:

“Create new instrument/audio/MIDI track”.
“Set Multi-Delay on track 12 to 19% wet”.
"Move Pan on track 3 to 77% right.
"Lower output levels on tracks 10 thru 20 (but not track 11) by 4db "

You get the idea. All these commands spoken.
No knobs, switches, touch surfaces etc involved

It this too ‘Star Trekky’ to consider or do ya think it one day possible?
and could something like this help disabled users?

Just a thought.


This is something i’d find incredibly useful myself, messed with dragon and the built in voice software in win7 a few years back but they’re both REALLY clunky and more hassle/slower than doing things manually.
I DO think it’ll get there at some point though.

Local restrictions aside… have you thought about possibly getting an intern/assistant you could train up in return for knowledge and a bit of studio time? Even today there’s still likely people around who’d realise the value and jump at the chance!

Even tho that’s a great idea, I did not mean it for me personally.
I have retired now. Sold the studio and all the gear. Just kept a few of things.

Just sitting here thinking about the lil ‘built-in’ mic on the iMac
and how after all these years I have never ever used it. For anything.

Most of us use some sort of hardware interface to get audio into the 'puter, so I imagine
vox control for commands could get to be quite problematic.

But imagine Cubase in an idle/not recording position,
and then the ‘built-in’ mic ‘listens in’ and gets Cubase to respond to verbal commands.

Might also be great while mixing.

Just wondering if a feature like that could actually be coded into Cubase.

Waaaay In the future of course. Naw! Guess not.


This has been polled about in previous User Surveys if I recall. It would be an excellent idea but the implementation would require a significant investment, I’d think. It’s an interesting idea with many possible befits for all users. How many languages would Cubase need to “know?”