Are you still using CD's; and for how long?

Aloha guys,

This was a topic a while back who’s time has come
(end of 2012) and I am wondering if this is indeed happening.

Have things changed?

Personally I do not listen to music on CD’s any more
unless someone specifically gives my one. This happens a lot
at my church.

Almost all of my clients these days leave the studio with
their work on either thumb/flash drives or external HD drives.
In various formats.

I now only use CD’s to sell my stuff at my live gig.

I recently obtained 10 4G flash drives at approx $4.00 ea. (one time deal)
so I am currently testing selling music using that medium.
(got four left). Really cuts into profits tho’ compared to CD’s.

Where are you guys re: CD’s?



Clients in my studio never ask for cd’s ,it’s only mp3’s. I still shop the used cd store on Haight in San Fran but its less and less. I was thinking about this the last few weeks as I spent hours and hours setting up a new studio PC. I needed music to listen to and 80% of my cd collection is useless. I have some interesting vinyl but turn to Internet radio to hear new music and keep abreast of production styles

Hmm… we must be backwards is Scotland :laughing:

I bought a 100 Cd’s last month and they are almost gone, I do say to a lot of customers that they should use USB drives but it falls on deaf ears, Luddites… :laughing:

Barely any. Just made one for my grandparents, but everyone else wants downloads :slight_smile:

Two different questions … do I buy CD’s? Yes … I hate mp3s. They sound like shit on a decent stereo. So, I buy CDs, rip to FLAC and stream that way. There is starting to be more high quality downloads available. The odd part it seems to be driven by niche jazz & classical for the most part. Which is great, since that’s usually what I want. And in the rockish genre, sites like Burning Shed have some stuff both classics and new as higher quality downloads.

On the recording/distribution side. Haven’t cut a CD in ages. Stems to flash drives is the bomb. SOOOOOO much easier.

Why is it that all the family always has to have a “real copy”?! Oh yeah, and they want you to sign it too…

Not sure they need anything from a recording studio if they have deaf ears! Just sayin’ :laughing:

I still pass along lots of CDs, perhaps the demographic I hang/work with most with are old school. I prefer them to MP3 even at 320, however, for myself, I am into FLAC these days… :sunglasses:

You may have a point there :laughing:

Honestly, that can be a good thing. I never plug someone’s usb drive into my rig. Virus, Trojans, and who knows what else can get on your rig from the outside.

I blow through CDs too, but it is because I don’t allow customer thumb drives on my rig.

Yeah, happened to me once… just a little Trojan thing but a nuisance all the same.

In my local public library yesterday walked past the CDs and saw Jeff Beck’s Rock and Roll Party - A Tribute to Les Paul. Got home how to listen to it? Fire up the desktop, rip it, DLNA to the nice amp and speakers, iTunes to iPad then AirPlay to the receiver, or USB? While pondering I noticed the Blu-Ray player and Duh! Blew off the dust and popped in the disc. How quaint.

:laughing: Old school :laughing:

Aloha Tom
and a big mahalo for that tip.
I never even thought of doing that.

I have always just (stupidly) mounted client’s thumb/flash drives
without giving it a second thought. But no more.

Now because of your post I won’t have to
learn that lesson the hard way.

I’l now first mount it on another 'puter and
make sure it is ‘clean’.

Tanx again.