Are you using any big libraries on the Mac M1?

I’m considering the M1 mini but concerned that the max is 16 gig of RAM. Are you using any big libraries? Running into any RAM issues?

Yes, I’d like to know that as well. Also, is anyone running Vienna Ensemble Pro with big libraries on a Mac M1?

I am considering a M series mac as well… However, I think i’ll wait for a 32gb or 64gb mac mini model to come out for that especific reason. I use big and heavy libraries with heavy templates (Full Orchestras with different articulations and etc…). Although people clame the ssd and ram in the m1 works really well, you can never go wrong in a situation like this to buy something with more ram. Working in real time with heavy libraries (Lots of data), is not quite the same as rendering videos, as a lot of youtubers out there review the m1 mac for. Let’s hope Apple releases something new soon.