Are you yet using Hermode tuning? and how?

Aloha guys,

Been working with HMT for the last lil while and
I must say this is quite interesting.

I have been experimenting with several projects
and to my ears this feature does indeed work but
if you go too far, it can strip the ‘life’ out of a song.
(talk about elevator music. HMT can do it.)

Been trying this with everything from full orchestra pieces down to
a jazz trio then further down to a single ukelele or guitar.
(I can’t seem to notice a difference when using a single note
instrument (flute etc))
And HMT can suck the ‘richness’ out of raunch guitars.

how are you guys getting on with Hermode tuning??

I guess HMT as been a feature in some other DAWs for a while now.
I’ve got to get out more. :slight_smile:


Just slap tape saturation on every channel and you’ve got your ‘life’ back. Problem solved. :mrgreen:

I’m curious to try HMT out as well.

Tanx for the response o,

I tried that for a couple of songs and it sounded like
a perfect reproduction of some work I did back in 1976.


I find it sucks life out even further, maybe good for screaming electro house or dubstep, but it sounds too artificial to my ears