Aria player mixer settings lost when I start playback

Thanks for the excellent info on installing and using the Aria Player with Dorico.
Now, when I open the Aria player mixer and adjust the faders, then click playback, the adjustments I made in the Aria Player faders reset to the default. Is there a way to make these stay where I put them?
Thank you!

Assuming the Aria player works the same in Dorico as in Finale, the faders in the Aria Player reflect dynamics sent by the host program. Instead of setting levels in the Aria Player, try setting them in Dorico’s mixer.

Per the live video about VST instruments, he said, unless you set it up to send individual channels to different channels in the Dorico mixer, all the instruments in one Aria player’s bank go to one channel in the Dorico Mixer. And, he said you should adjust the volume in the Aria Player mixer for the instruments on that bank. So, that works, until I click playback, then the adjustments are lost.

Any one have a solution? Thanks!

I agree that one should use the Aria_Multi to send instruments to different faders in teh Dorico Mixer, but I find the advice to use the Aria Mixer puzzling. Could you give a link to the video where “he” said to use it?

Perhaps the problem is that you’ve got inappropriate expression maps chosen for the player now? If you click the cog icon next to the ARIA Player in the VST Instruments rack, you’ll see a window that shows which expression map is being used for each channel. It might be that you should be using no expression map at all, since Dorico doesn’t come with any expression maps appropriate for use with any of the libraries compatible with the ARIA Player, so it might well be that the expression map in use is sending a controller that’s changing a setting in ARIA unexpectedly.

Also, do make sure that you are using the “multi” (i.e. multi-output) version of the ARIA Player, so that each channel in ARIA is routed to a separate fader in Dorico’s Mixer.

I am having similar problems but when I go to the VST rack I only have (in addition to Halion Sonic SE, Symphonic Orchestra and Groove Agent SE), ARIA Player VST_x64 - no ARIA Player Multi_x64. Both ARIA versions appear in the whitelist and I am at a loss to know how to access the multi player. I am not at all sure what I am doing wrong - but I’d be very keen to find out!


Is the multi-dll for Aria installed on your computer (and in a folder Dorico will search)? I see both versions of Aria when I click the cog-wheel in Play.

In Dorico, could you please choose from the main menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report?
That will create a zip file on your desktop. Please send it to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de.
From the contained log file I might be able to tell what is wrong.

Problem fixed for Peter, it was a typo in his whitelist.

Daniel - I clicked on the cog on the Aria player multi VSTx64, the list opens and every channel says “default.”
So, a. does that explain why all the channels from that bank are routed to just one channel in the Dorico mixer?
and b. I’m using Garritan Instruments for Finale. What should be entered into those channels on that list? (The only options there are default or HSO instruments.) I sure do appreciate your timely and detailed responses!

Derrek - I think the “he” said is from the Dorico YouTube video named Changing HSO Samples, VST Effects & Using Third Party Samples | Discover Dorico with John Barron

Are you sure you are looking at the correct column in the Aria Player. You can change output channels by pull-down menus behind the pre-defined export channel.
I’ll check out the YouTube video you mention to see what it says.

EDIT: I checked out the YouTube video, and at around 23:50 John talks about the differences between Aria and Aria Multi. What he says is that the non-multi Aria might be okay “if you’re mixing it for yourself anyway,” but after many years using Aria with Finale, I am convinced that the host program will always take control of the Aria mixer faders based on dynamic expressions within the host program. So I strongly recommend to you (as I have to Finale users for years) that you do not–I suspect, “cannot”–use the Aria mixer to set fixed levels. In Finale I encourage users to use the Finale Mixer. In Dorico, I encourage you to use the Dorico Mixer to set relative instrument levels.

If I am wrong, no doubt someone will tell me.

Derrek, fixed, thank you so much, I never knew about that, thank you!