Arithmetical operations in spin boxes. Can't input a decimal number

On page 72 of Dorico 3.5.12 version history, it says “To multiply the current value by 1.5, enter *1.5 into the spin box.”.
But this doesn’t seem to be possible with current Dorico. Why?

What spin box are you trying? It works with stem adj. in Engrave mode. Remember, when doing multiplication, if the original value is 0, 0 times anything is still 0.

Edit: You’re right it’s not working with a decimal. I did it wrong. The multiplication works, but the decimal doesn’t input. It works in 3.1.

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For me in 3.5.12 none of the operators ±*/= are working at all. I type them but they don’t appear. I can type / only if there isn’t already a / in the field.

These arithmetical operators are only implemented for spin boxes that show rational values, which is typically those that are labelled spaces. They do work as advertised, except that you cannot type a decimal separator in the multiplication factor when typing e.g. *1.5. This is a tiny bug, which I will fix.

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I cannot enter + or - or * at all in these fields, regardless of what they follow. Also I cannot type a decimal point as the first character; I can enter it only following a digit. And I see I can enter a space only following an integer; if there is already a / the space won’t go.

I have tried all of these in Engrave Mode > Stem adj., and in several rational fields in Engraving Options with spaces as the unit. I have read about this arithmetic feature but I have never seen it work. Everything else about my Dorico installation seems to be working perfectly. Perhaps some change crept into 3.5? (my first version).

Did you delete the existing number first? I know it sounds counterintuitive but that’s how it works.

Okay, this is a new one for unguessable. I had tried everything that made any sense to me.

I would never have expected, e.g., “+=2” by itself to mean anything. But apparently it means “add 2 to the value that I just deleted/overwrote and can no longer see”. Thank you for the patient explanation.

I got it. Thanks!