Arm Record getting stuck on tracks

Cubase 12 Pro on Monterey M1Pro 32gig ram 4TB storage running in rosetta.
Record Arm function is locked on random tracks. this has been happening over the last week or two.
The only way to disengage is to record and then un-arm the track while recording.
Video here because I’m terrible at explaining.

In the video it just happens on one particular track, right? Are you saying this happens repeatedly?

I’ve had bugs before where I have to delete a whole track and create a new one to fix some weird problem that came up.

Any chance you have some MIDI device connected to your computer that’s sending some errant signal?

It’s happened on maybe 2-3 other project I’ve opened in the last couple of weeks.
Before the .52 update I don’t think I had an Issue.
I have an SSL UC1 connected and a m-audio oxygen pro mini. so next time I will disconnect them both and see if it changes but I’m semi sure it even happened while I was using my MacBook not connected to anything.