Arp skipping problems


I’m having some trouble with arps.
When performing (live) playback seems to skip or double certain notes.
This is the case with both Cthulhu and and Arpache 5.

It records the notes correctly, and it plays them correctly once recorded. It’s only during live performance. (any midi input, external and internal).

Any idea what’s causing this?
I don’t have this issue in Ableton with the same setup on the same computer.

I created a video to illustrate the issue but I can’t post a link or upload the video as a new user.

Any help is appreciated.

here’s the video

Not exactly your situation, but may help:

@ClendeningSound thanks for sharing that article. It’s very interesting. It doesn’t really solve my issue but it’s still interesting stuff.

It looks like my issue was related to ASIO buffer size.
At 1024 it seems to reduce the problem significantly but is introducing some crackle.

What confuses me is why this issue doesn’t occur when:

  • arp is used in a VST with arp function (like tal-u-no-lx)
  • arp is recorded in a clip and played by the clip.
  • in another daw like ableton I don’t have this issue at all with the same vst’s