Arpeggiator for guitar finger picking

I am writing a part for finger picking guitar. Is there an arpeggiator in Dorico that can generate an arpeggio pattern from chords? Is there a function that will limit the guitar part to only playable patterns?

The part about playable patterns - no. I’ve heard Mike Dawes say that he first figures out what he wants to achieve and then figures out how to play it.

Though he’s talking in the context of HIS skill and willingness to work with altered tunings, as a player I still think it’s the better approach. Write what you want the piece to be, and leave it up to the player unless you are a guitar player writing a guitar piece. JMO though.

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Dorico doesn’t have an automatic feature to split chords into arpeggiated figures, but I agree that could be a useful thing for us to add in future. (You’d very probably need to make sure the general shape you’re using is playable yourself, though.)