Arpeggiator on one (or more) note only

Would you use ARP on only selected notes?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t see why

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I saw people doin that on Logic…they put an arpeggiator 1/16 only on, say, c1, then put an arp 1/32 on, say, d#2 … etc etc
It could be very effective to make a “note repeat” on grooveagentSE (which lacks this function !!!)

Anybody knows if it’s possible to assign a “midi insert” on only some selected notes not all of them ???
And if possible how to do it?

Thanks a lot !!!

Probably the easiest way is to create a separate MIDI track for the ARP notes. Then route both tracks to the instrument.

Thanks, that’s a way indeed…
But (there is always a but lol) what if i need an arp 1/16 on say hihat C1, and on C2 same hihat but need arp 1/32 (1/16T and 1/32T) … won’t work this way

I saw a logic video where an editor could tell the arp (or a midi insert) to be triggered only by a selected note…could be a nice function in Cubase too !

But the easiest way to satisfy me, is jut to implement “note repeat” in grooveagent … so i would set dem indidually on pads and set that note retrigger in sync