Arpeggiator + Sustain pedal noob question

I just about never even look at arpeggiators but I know I should and when I do I kind of like it for a while … so I’m not very savvy with them.

I have the two included in Cubase to test on, Arpache 5 and Arpach SX, and I thought I could hold down a chord, press the sustain pedal, grab a new chord and hit it while I release the sustain pedal.
But when I try this the chords die as soon as I release the fingers no matter if the sustain pedal is up or down.
The MIDI Monitor shows that the sustain pedal works and when I turn off the arpeggiator it works as usual.
Since I don’t really know what I’m doing with arpeggiators I suspect I do it wrong or it’s just not the way they’re designed for what I want to do?

Q: Are arpeggiators in general not designed to react to CC# 64 sustain pedal messages?



It depends on the developer of the arpeggiator. But I would say, mostly they are driven just by Note On and Note Off messages. Btw, in Cubase you can use MIDI > Functions > Pedal to Note Length.

OK! I was lucky this time and my initial suspicions were right, so I don’t think I used more than 10 minutes all in all, instead of going all in and reinstalling windows haha.
But I know it works if you have the chords painted in the key editor as long MIDI notes. so what I was more like trying to do arpeggiator stuff live in real time and those two don’t do that, apparently.
Maybe I leave it at that or google for some solution.
Thanks anyway! :smiley:


I just google and … :astonished:
arppegiators is a thing!!!