Arpeggiator with free rate (non sync speed)

Hi folks. I am starting to study melodic techno production, and there is an effect that some musics use which I am willing to use as well, that can be made by using arpeggio.

Basically the arpeggio needs to have 2 things in order to do such sound:

  • The arpeggio mode needs to be set in a sort of a “chord mode”, where in other words, if I play a chord, instead of having an arpeggio playing its notes separately, the notes should be played all at once (like a chord) but repeating according to the “repeat rate”
  • The repeat rate should be set as “free”, or “non-sync” in a way that I can vary the arp speed in a “smooth” way, not snapping into the predefined rates such as 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 etc.

I can have that on Ableton Live, where its arpeggio has both the options mentioned above, allowing me to “play” freely with the chords and how they are played.

Therefore, my question is: Does Cubase has something similar? I tried to replicate this with the Arpache 5 and Arpache SX Midi plugins but didn’t have much success since I couldn’t find neither the free/non-sync rate as well couldn’t play the arp as chords instead of actual arps, and I see that Steinberg does not allow me to have third-party Midi plugins as well.

May I be able to do that on Cubase? Or unfortunately I will have to use Ableton Live for it?

Thanks a lot for the attention!

I asked the same question today :slight_smile: Hopefully there is a solution. I’m even looking to 3rd party plugins but no luck so far
In ableton it is so easy: Multiplier's Creative Use of Arpeggiator for Build-ups | Ableton Live - YouTube

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You can do both in Retrologue.

And Padshop too.

But I wanna use Diva or Serum like 3rd party plugins.
I’ve tried to do it with Arpeggiator SX but results are horrible.
Even tried different Arp 3rd party plugins like Cthulhu, RandArp etc but no luck so far. Even tho they can have free rate they still sound bad when its going super fast, nothing close to Ableton built in arp.

You can do that with xfer Cthulhu. Go to cogwheel (settings) and change arp sync to Hz.
Another free alternative is RandArp RandARP

The part they “sound bad” is maybe due to that synth (legato /polyphony/envelope settings on particular synth. Also when you record that arp onto synth you have to disable auto quantize in transport bar.

The RandArp VST would be a good option but I use Mac and looks like it is Windows only. :pensive:

Maybe get yourself a hardware controller that can be used with any DAW/soft synth. The Arturia Step range has arpeggiator functions.

Cthulhu i think can do the job.

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Cthulhu does the job. Not easy as if I had an arpeggiator so I could put the chords right away through the controller but since that is what we have for now, I go with Cthulhu then. Thank you @User131231

Did you ever find a suitable alternative? Again I want something like a ableton’s arp in cubase for the same reasons

Hi @gstar82 ! No alternative! I still use Cthullu in Cubase, and I am also learning Ableton Live so I can work with both DAW’s, and also because lots of people that does Electronic Music that I know uses it, so for Collab it helps knowing Ableton.

Not leaving Cubase. Never, even because I am finding lots of things in Ableton that Cubases does better and also because I just simply love Cubase, but still unfortunately for this specific effect, Cubase does not help much so I end up using XFer’s Cthullu to create the rolling notes.