…K…I gotta ask…been searching for answers and not finding…I have Cubase 8 AI…is there an arpeggiator in here somewhere?..or do I have to download one from somewhere…tried to find a download at steinberg for Arpache…did not find, what is BluArp and do I need to install this Alpha thing too?..some help please…with download links pls…thx

If you’ve got a copy of Computer Music magazine, register it in the cm-vault and download their cutdown version of Kimu Cream, or go out and buy a mag including DVD for £6 - worth every penny for that alone. The CM plugins are extremely good and cover most of what’s missing between Cubase AI and high-end versions.

…k, somethin to look into…suppose this Kimu Cream you speak of has a similar Groove Agent like VST as well…found a nice little vst TSW16 to make my own drum kits in the meantime…anyway…below may be an option for us…lookin up now…

To summarize - You basically load T-Force Alpha Plus as a VST instrument first (creating a track with it) and then you add BlueARP as a VST instrument second (again, creating a track with it). You setup the T-Force Alpha Plus track to output to BlueARP (on the left). If you are using a midi keyboard, you will not hear the arpeggiated effects until you click the Monitor button on the BlueARP track.

This may be my answer…goona take the dog for a walk first then tackle this dilema…then let yous all know…

Yes, BlueArp is pretty good. It’s well known.

Anyone notice lack of, empty or missing presets… didn’t know I had this problem - just though I wasn’t good enough to have presets :slight_smile: