Hi, new here. I used to have Cubase on the Atari ST, must be over 30 years ago, and again when they produced a dedicated PC sound card with Creative Audio (15-20 years ago?). I just bought Elements for my Mac, and things seem to be completely different in the intervening years. I have a range of VST instruments, and I decided to opt for Cubase rather than Logic Pro as a step up from GarageBand. So, some of these have their own arpeggiator, but I’ve been trying out the bundled synths/samplers that come with Cubase. I’ve followed some links, and this has helped me establish that there is no arp bundled with Elements 9. Still, there’s some things I’d like to do with tracks created using instruments within Cubase other than the VST virtual synths. So, is the only way I can achieve this to upgrade to Cubase Artist 9, or is there some way of plugging in an arp, and are there any 3rd-party plugins available for this?

If this has been asked before, or I am asking in the wrong place, please accept my apologies - I have had a quick look around, but the board is new to me.

I did try to ask this question at Cubase support, but that directed me to my local music shop as their support agent, who seem about as useful as a chocolate teapot usually.

Welcome back! I too started on the Atari a very long time ago and though I wasn’t lost elsewhere for as long as you were, yes, Cubase has changed a lot in the intervening years.

Anyway, back to your ARP question, yes there are many ARP plugins out there. I tend to use the one in Halion so don’t have a big use plugin versions but on my Laptop with just Elements I did download the one I’ve linked to below and it works just fine for me.

Good luck!

I can also confirm that BlueArp (mentioned in previous post) is a good. My favorite arp at the moment in XferRecords Cthulhu, available for $39. Especially the Chords module with all the Bach Chorales is worth the money alone for finding great harmonies.