Arpeggio can not be played correctly

The first arpeggio in the picture can’t be identified and played correctly by Dorico 4.1.

Did you have to manually extend that first arpeggio?

I’m not positive but I think they will only apply to one voice. Is the last bar all in the same voice?

Can you attach your file?

Yes,the last bar is all in the same vioce.And when I change the minims at the beginning to the same voice,it can be played correctly.

sample.dorico (699.1 KB)

I’ve run into this before. Even with a pre-roll value set for playback, an arpeggio at the very beginning of the first flow won’t play back arpeggiated. (I seem to recall that arpeggios at the beginning of subsequent flows do play back correctly.) Apparently the pre-roll only affects the ability to play grace notes at the beginning of the first flow, and not arpeggios.

It’s been a while since I ran into this, so I’m not sure if this has been addressed in the latest update.

For whatever reason, when I opened this, the Down-stem note in the LH was actually Up-stem Voice 1, and the Up-stem notes were Down-stem Voice 1. I swapped them over, re-input the arp after selecting the whole chord, and it seems to be improved a bit - I think the LH is not arpeggiated but the RH is.

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The issue here is that Dorico currently only collects the notes that are in the same voice as those to which the arpeggio is attached. So in this case it is collecting the low A flat in the left-hand staff, and the C5 in the right-hand staff, and it plays an arpeggio of just two notes: the inner notes in the chord in different voices are not considered. This isn’t a bug (it’s how I would expect it to behave), but it would be nice if it would pick up the other notes starting at the same position. I’ve made a note of this and we’ll try to improve it in a future version.