Arpeggio midi from long notes

If I have a long note, can I make that into many shorter arpeggio notes like 1/4 or 1/8 notes?

Sorry not at Cubase, so this might be a bit off. But in the Key Editor if you select the Split Tool and hold Alt (I think, but it might be Ctrl or Shift) and cut your long Note an 1/8th Note after it starts, it will cut the entire original Note into 1/8th Notes.

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If you ask for arpeggio, you need more than one note. A chord is good. Then you can use any of the Arpeggio MIDI Inserts (Arpache).

If you want to cut one note to multiple notes of the same length, switch to the Cut/Scissors tool. Hold down Alt modifier and click to the MIDI Note, where do you want to have the 1st cut. The cut is going to be applied repetitively by the whole MIDI Note length.

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Great friends! Thanx! Can I maybe mark all notes in a series of notes and do this for the whole group of notes?

If I have a series of single notes, can I use the Apreggio midi inserts?

Yes, but it wouldn’t create an arpeggio. It would play a rhythmical figure in the pitch of your single MIDI note.
An arpeggio (a broken up chord) needs multiple notes, a chord, and so does the arpeggio plugin.

Just give it a go! If it doesn’t work as expected, come back here and we’ll figure it out.

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