Arpeggios and Chords


This is related to my other post…

I have Elements 8. Is there anything in here that makes arpeggios. I can generate arpeggios in Halion with certain synth presets, but these do not come out as arpeggios in the Midi. So I cannot move the Midi to a new track, say, and use it as arpeggioed guitar. At least I have not found a way to do this.

I do understand I could write arpeggios in Key Editor, but if there is a quicker, more fluid way somewhere in Cubase, please let me know.

I have be exploring Chord Pads. When I record using them, there is a delay and also I often have to click on them twice to get them to register. IOW I have no good way to live record them and would like to. Is there some way I can change the setting so I can record with these well.

You could try blueArp, that is what I mainly use, a free arpeggiator.

I am hoping to. I posted about that here…
and it was in fact blueArp I downloaded. That first response I got was rather intimidating.