Arpeggios - inconsistent line lengths

I’m attaching a graphic of a few bars with a lot of arpeggios. As you see, the lengths are all over place. The lower G in bar 8 shows inconsistency.

I can adjust the lengths in Engrave mode to solve it but obviously it would be useful to have them correct to start with. Gould says that the line should extend to cover all arpeggiated notes, but not the stems as well. From what I can see from her attached examples, the line extends to the top and the bottom of the notes, and no further.

A request while I am it: if it’s possible to add arpeggios to a bunch of notes at a time (for example, highlighting all the notes in bar 11 and having four arpeggio lines drawn) that would save a lot of work.

If you’re in Galley View, ignore them.

Thanks Leo. I was, but they’re the same in Page view.
Arpeggios Bars 7-8.png

Try fiddling with these values:

With “Outward… in space” set to 3/8 spaces and “Outward… on staff line” set to 1/4 spaces I get these results, which are better but not perfect.

It strikes me that a one-size-fits-all setting is never going to work here, because the arp line is designed in such a way that you need a complete twiddle (technical term?) for it to look right.

In answer to your request: are you aware that once you have one arp line in place, you can alt+click it wherever you like? I agree it’s not as quick as selecting whole bars (which is presumably a difficult development task that needs to consider multiple voices) - but it’s much quicker than going Shift+O arp Enter multiple times.

Thanks again - that’s as good as I was looking for. Thanks also for the alt-click tip. It looks like it’s voice dependent but nevertheless that’ll make it a lot easier.

Much appreciated!