arpeggio's playing back

  • I added guitar chords by playing non arpeggio
  • added arpeggio signs (Shift O : “arp”)
    But they won’t play back, what ever i try (play setting timing don’t change anything)

BTW: is there a way to add arpeggio’s to more than one chord at a time?

If you input the chords using live recording, try selecting them and doing Play > Remove Playback Overrides to ensure that Dorico is allowed to adjust their start positions. You can’t create more than one arpeggio at once, but they’re very quick to copy using Alt+click.

Just on the subject of alt-clicking arp signs, could grand staff arp signs (ones that go from notes on the bottom stave to notes on the top stave) be made to be alt-clickable, please?

No, unfortunately not, because those ones refer specifically to notes in two separate voices.