arrangement window, sometimes "freezes"

I should first point out that this has been happening since Cubase 4 for me (so is probably related to my hardware in some way…but)

Has anyone else had this, it happened to me pretty much on a daily basis in versions 4-6.5, and just happened to me yesterday in 7.0.1

Sometimes, my arrangement window with just freeze on me. Playback still carries on, the mixer still shows the vu meters moving, and responds to mouse clicks etc, the menus (file etc) respond to mouse clicks, so I can save and exit and whatnot…it§s just the arrangement window stops responding, video wise. It will still respond to me clicking and dragging with the mouse…but I just wont be able to see it happening, as it will still be showing me the screen as it was when it “froze”

Just wondered if it was only me that has had this happen to them, or if it’s something others have experienced. It’s pretty annoying :slight_smile:

This sounds like a graphix card issue. What card and latest drivers?

I thought maybe so too… but then wondered why if the driver has failed, why the menus all seem to work and display fine. It’s not the whole display that is frozen, rather just the arrange window.

anyways… seems I have a driver from 2010 for my adapter (geforce 7300GT)…so grabbing an updated one now to see if it fixes things.

Cheers for poinmting me in that direction