Arranger cropping audio when flatten


When I flatten my arrangement the sections are created in full length but the audio is cropped to what looks like around 80% length. If the section is say 31 bars the audio stops abruptly at 24.2.00. This cropping happens to each section.

This project was created in 7.5. It did this in 7.5. It also does this in 10.

It’s a long project. Has it corrupted somehow? Or have I inadvertently set something within the arrangement flattening wrongly. I can’t see anything obvious though.

Suggestions to fix this would be much appreciated.
Many thanks.


Take a look at the Audio File’s setting for Musical Mode & the Track’s setting for Musical/Linear Timebase

Thanks Raino.

I’ve checked all my audio and midi tracks. All are musical.
All the audio in the pool is musical, at least none has a cross in that column.

I’m guessing the issue must be elsewhere?

Any further thoughts?


In the Pool in the column labeled “Musical Mode” the boxes should be checked not unchecked if they are in Musical Mode.