Arranger Track Expansion

Love the arranger track. To make it even more useful as a song writing tool would be to add the ability to stack different parts in a single chain node. Yea I know this would complicate things significantly for the programmers (playing multiple parts at the same time, lol) … but it could be done…

A Chain becomes a Container with stackable phrases (phrases are the sections you set up in the chord track)

Yea, Yea I know different product, but specifically look at the time 6:42 in the above video to see what I’m talking about… would love this ability in Cubase on the arranger track…

So following my idea, I go through my song picking the following parts in the Arranger Track

Verse Arrangement a
Verse Arrangement b
Verse Arrangement c

In the Song Chain I would love to be able to set each node as follows:

  1. Verse Arrangement a
  2. Verse Arrangement b
  3. Verse Arrangement a, Verse Arrangement c (all playing at the same time)
  4. Verse Arrangement a, Verse Arrangement b, Verse Arrangement c (all playing at the same time)

    For me, this would allow to very quickly change the sound flavor of different sections in the song I’m writing by being able to stack multiple areas of the song together. It would really give the user the ability to experiment without having to create different parts of the song repeating already made parts. Just stack different parts together to make a new part when it plays.