Arranger track midi problem

Hi , hope someone can help here…
I currently use Nuendo live in a band for our backing tracks and use the arranger track to navigate the setlists on the page. I have recently connected a guitar effects pedal which when it receives specific pc messages through midi will load up the presets on the pedal board of the particular song on the arranger track. The problem I’m having is that in some cases when the arranger track is skipping across the page from one point to another on the odd song it seems to be sending a midi pc message to my pedal board before it stops at the next song. Because of this sometimes my pedal is loading the wrong song preset sounds on my board. Is there anyway to stop this from happening? Maybe a slight delay in sending the midi signal or something else ?
Many thanks



Don’t know what your expectations are for a solution, as you give no technical details at all.

Get a midi monitor app so you can see what messages are sent and when.

basically whats happening is when the curser moves from the start of one track to another it is sending a pc message from another track as it moves across the page. difficult to explain it but hopefully you get what i mean.
I need it to send the pc message of the track the curser stops on and not as it moves across the page to that particular song

I dunno, did you read my reply? It’s really all you need to do.